Warranty Policy

Here at Jeanie, it is our goal to keep you satisfied. Now with that said, we want to ensure that the shirts you are getting, don't let you down. 

What's Covered?

Any Damage to the pocket, that is clearly a manufacturing defect. Any seams which have come undone prematurely, or any fraying of the pocket, let us know. If it was our fault, it's on us. Contact us, and send us a picture and we will review your gear and get back to you as soon as we can! 


What's not Covered?

Now as we said, our goal is keep you satisfied. We will try to do so to the best of our ability but you must keep in mind that we are a startup run by a couple of college kids. So, If it was our fault, it's on us. If it wasn't our fault, unfortunately it's on you.  That means any

  • Rips or tears in the shirt
  • Rips in the seam caused by an overuse of the pocket, or too much stress on the seam.


If you are unsure if your shirt will be covered or not under warranty, feel free to contact us anyway. I mean what will it hurt? Worst case scenario we say no man, stop partying so hard, right?