There are a lot of different factors that go into our pricing. We believe that transparency is the best way to go about pricing. Yes, we are a business, but no we don't want to take your money. The pricing on our shirts, is totally dependent on the pocket primarily. Since all of our pockets are made out of recycled pants, the number of pockets we get per material is never consistent. A pair of Blue Jeans, hypothetically could always be accessible. Making pockets out of Blue Jean is consistent. When we find a very unique pair of pants, or a unique fabric however, the quantities tend to be a very limited number. Depending on the quantity of shirts possible with different pockets we feel it is necessary to charge more. Just take an economics class.


Short Sleeve

For T-Shirts we will have shirts priced around $18-$22. The raw shirts cost us around $4.00-$6.00 depending on size per unit, with manufacturing costs close to $5.00 per unit. This is all on top of the cutting and pre shrinking, and many other steps we have along the way per shirt. We believe that $18-$22 for an American made T-shirt, is fair. Don't you?


Long Sleeve

After much debate, the pricing on our long sleeve shirts as of now is pretty consistent at $26. This could go up for certain models if we feel that we have an extremely limited edition pocket. We purchase our raw shirts at $6.50-$10.50 depending on the size, and style. Manufacturing costs on these are closer to $6 per unit, with an additional priceless amount of love thrown in on our behalf. We believe that $26 is beyond reasonable for our pricing on the long sleeves, however please let us know if you feel differently!


Long Sleeve w/ a Hood

For our Long Sleeves w/ Hoods, we have a pretty consistent price of $32 per shirt. This price is based off of our cost of raw goods, ranging from $10.81-$13.50 per shirt, with an additional manufacturing cost of $6.00. Once again, there is still work necessary per shirt on our behalf, so we feel that a price of $32 is very reasonable.