It all started at a Party...

It was a denim themed party to be specific. After observing the influx of college kids, 80% of whom were wearing denim that they had just purchased at a thrift shop, and probably would never wear again or until another denim themed party came around, the idea came: "What if we could turn recycled Jeans into something?" The initial idea was a recycled Jean Beanie. The idea seemed a little bit easier than it actually is. Strip down old Jeans into the cotton thread that it is made of, tear that down into fibers, and work up from there. We are still figuring out exactly how it will work but that is ultimately where the name Jeanie came from, a Jean Beanie. 

From there, we have made some adjustments. Currently we are focusing on recycling old pants, and turning them into pockets on T-shirts. We all know that Pocket T's are pretty great, but haven't they been getting a little stale? Now you can have a pocket T, made from recycled pants, of your favorite materials.